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Makeup Bootcamp is a “crash course” of the techniques I developed and used to break into the makeup industry. It is not a conventional “basic makeup class”.

This series of workshops are designed to make you become a “Thinking Makeup Artist”. Instead of teaching out-dated “cookie cutter looks”, you will be shown how to create or re-create any look - past, present and future.

When I first began my career as a makeup artist, I did not have the good fortune to be taken under an established artist’s wing. I had no relatives in the Union which at that time was almost impossible to get into if you did not “know someone” or was not related to anyone who was a Union member. I couldn’t afford to go to school in California even though it was my dream to become a famous Hollywood makeup artist. Yet in spite of my non-existent connections, I managed to become a successful makeup artist, a member of the union, and a mentor to many new artists needing either a “break” or sometimes just a little encouragement to keep on trying.

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